Employees share 和 implement their learnings after a summer of professional development.
在十大电子娱乐网站网上, faculty members are encouraged to continually learn 和 grow to deepen their teaching practice. Every teacher has the opportunity to engage in professional development through workshops 和 educational lectures or seminars related to their field. 

Faculty can also apply for a Crossroads Faculty Personal 和 Professional Growth Award, which allocates additional professional development funds toward creating innovative new curricula. 今年夏天, 17 faculty members from across all three divisions participated in professional development opportunities in subjects including art, 音乐, 科学, 历史与世界语言. 老师们欣然接受成为学生的机会, 参加州内研讨会, 穿越美国.S. 寻找研究机会,在全球范围内学习课程.

中学科学教师 Leanne DeCraene莎拉卢克 traveled to the Peruvian Amazon to conduct biodiversity research with Earth Watch, a nonprofit that connects citizens with scientists to improve the health 和 sustainability of the planet. Leanne 和 Sara appreciated the opportunity to pursue their scientific interests with the goal of enhancing their teaching practice. They came back from the trip inspired to incorporate their experience into the classroom as part of the seventh grade curriculum on ecology, 生物多样性与环境科学. 

萨拉说:“十大电子娱乐网站网上能提供这样的资助真是太棒了. “In order for teachers to stay inspired, they have to be able to ignite the passions inside of them. It makes you want to enhance your curriculum to reflect what is happening in the world.”

Sara will be using the research data points she 和 Leanne collected–including the number of shore birds, bass 和 pink 和 gray river dolphins they spotted–to teach students about graphing 和 data analysis. 除了, 她希望促进公民科学项目, 让学生探索他们所热衷的事业.

“To be an example to students of the value 和 importance of life-long learning is incredibly important,莉安说。. “回到学生的角度——记笔记, 记录数据, 在团队中合作, 问问题等等——让我更新了自己的视角, think about the learner 和 appreciate the value in knowing you are contributing to research 和 change that is larger than you.” 

The School also granted a Faculty Personal 和 Professional Growth Award to 中学 Latin Teacher 玛丽莎Alimento 参加剑桥大学在英国的国际暑期课程. Marisa took courses on Ovid's “Metamorphoses” 和 Shakespeare's “Julius Caesar” 和 attended lectures on topics including economics, 英式幽默和比德, 盎格鲁撒克逊神学家, 历史学家和年表学家.

These faculty members participated in Crossroads-funded professional development over the summer: 

  • 小学视觉艺术教师 苏珊竞技场, 佐伊凯恩安妮·凯斯勒 participated in a workshop on printmaking hosted by the Las Palmas Art Center in Palm Springs.

  • 小学教与学主任 马特林特纳 completed a one-week certification course on Critical Friends Group (CFG) Coaches’ Training hosted by the National School Reform Faculty. CFG帮助教师通过协作学习提高实践能力, 深度反思和结构化协议. 

  • 七年级核心教师 托德男爵 参观了孟菲斯, 田纳西州, 研究美国音乐和民权运动之间的联系. 他参观了斯塔克斯唱片公司和太阳唱片公司的录音室, 哪些是蓝调发展的核心, R&B和乡村音乐. 他参观了棉花交易所博物馆和国家民权博物馆, 他在哪里进行研究并向博物馆专家学习.

  • 八年级核心教师 利亚姆很远, 朱利安·劳伦猎人麦考德 traveled to Germany 和 Pol和 to deepen their curriculum on the Interwar period 和 the Holocaust. They conducted research 和 visited museums including the Jewish Museum of Berlin, the "Roads Not Taken" exhibit at the Deutsches Historisches Museum 和 the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. 在波兰, they participated in an educator-led visit to the grounds of Auschwitz-Birkenau, went on a history-based walking tour of the Jewish Quarter of Krakow 和 attended Krakow's Jewish Culture Festival.

  • 中学年鉴教师和中高中生活技能教师 莫妮卡Hannush attended a Council training at the TOPA Institute in Ojai focused on developing Council practices that facilitate relationship-building, 开放的沟通和专注力.

  • 高年级教务长 梅塞德斯巴勒塔K-12多元化和公平主管 & 包容 斯蒂芬妮Carrillo 高中副校长 莉香迪亚 在加州大学参加了一个为期一周的研讨会, Santa Barbara titled Neuro科学 for Optimal Learning: Strategies for Developing Students' Attention, 情感的力量, 内存, 及执行职能, 由神经学家和作家Dr. 朱迪·威利斯. 

  • 初中和高中学习专家 Ruby吉布森凯瑟琳•斯图尔特 还访问了加州大学, 参加一个叫做“学习”的专业发展研讨会 & 大脑:执行功能、阅读、写作和数学. 除了, Catherine completed the Institute’s course The Science of 内存 和 Attention. 

  • 高中英语教师 克里斯蒂Hutchcraft took the course The World as It Could Be: Speculative Fiction from Around the World, 由加州大学ORIAS研究所主办, 加州大学伯克利分校. The course explored the genre of speculative fiction 和 the ways in which voices across the globe frame 和 respond to some of the biggest challenges of our times, 包括气候变化和人工智能. Teachers also participated in world-building writing exercises to experience the transformative power of creating alternative stories to current realities.

  • 在教师培训周期间, 十大电子娱乐网站网上全体教员 参加了一个关于多样性的专业发展讲习班, 由Emily Chiariello领导的公平与包容, participating in h和s-on activities that explored social justice st和ards (Identity, 多样性, 正义与行动),以及如何让学生参与有关偏见的讨论, 文化与社会公正.

  • In support of the School’s ongoing educational initiatives centered on 多样性、股票 & 包容, 全体教职员工 attended a presentation on antisemitism given by two representatives of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL): Southern California Education Director Megan Nevels 和 Los Angeles Regional Director Jeffrey Abrams P’25, 谁也是十大电子娱乐网站网上的家长. 教师们了解了反犹主义的历史, best practices for responding to bias incidents 和 the ways in which hate can escalate when biases aren’t addressed. Megan 和 Jeffrey focused on the importance of early intervention 和 education in preventing patterns of hate. A similar educational opportunity will be offered to the parent/guardian community this fall.

此外,高中历史教师 德鲁德沃尔 received a grant from the National Institute for Humanities to attend the Buffalo Nations L和marks program, which prepares K-12 educators to implement curriculum focusing on the history 和 revitalization of the American Bison as related to Indigenous Nations.
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